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Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon Solo 2019
  • 15-year-old bourbon whiskey

  • Distilled and aged in TN, KY and IN

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 106.52 proof cask strength bottling

  • Mash bill: corn, rye and malted barley

The barrels harvested for this limited release were selected for their refined properties and extraordinary flavor profile. This complex 15-year-old bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It is a perfect union of grain and barrel, with an old, oaky nose and a deep, honey- maple palate that reveals the lushness of the grain.

Appearance: Warm, autumnal resins, blending together from afar.

Nose: The central theme is of pie, notably Boston cream and pecan. Armagnac, and fig jam lend a dense, dark fruitiness. Herbal notes constantly pop to the fore and then gently ebb, cycling through spearmint, ginger ale and pandan leaf. The bottom register ranges between sweet and savory; from maple syrup on one side through halva and soufflé, to gorgonzola on the other.

Palate: Medium bodied with relatively fine tannin. The oak makes its presence known first, tasting woodsy and also bringing along oak-derived notes of coconut meat and vanilla. Sweeter elements include chocolate, honeycomb, maple syrup and beet reduction. These are tempered by the dry spice of Ramazzotti amaro, black coffee and spearmint.

Finish: Quite intense, on bold notes of campfire, black coffee and cocoa powder. Grows gentler as it fades, revealing s’mores, ground clove, and fruity bursts of maraschino liqueur, black cherry and nicoise olive.

With a splash of spring water: Water brightens the fruit, bringing out chocolate dipped, candied grapefruit peel. The palate grows rich and creamy, tasting of roasted chestnut and rice pudding.

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