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BCS Bourbon 2020.jpg
  • Matured for 15 years

  • Distilled and aged in IN, KY and TN

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 104.9 proof cask strength bottling

An ephemeral bouquet shifts between heady minerals, tart fruits, woodsy spices, and rich nutty notes; with a delicacy that belies the explosion of oak on the palate. Water brings out a creaminess which transforms the nose into a lush and tropical experience reminiscent of a hazy IPA.

Appearance: Sugar just beginning to caramelize.

Nose: Heady and intense, with a first impression of summer rain, sea salt, and slate. This bourbon quickly opens to pineapple, cranberry, and crushed apple. Cumin, caraway and grains of paradise announce the presence of woodsy oak spice. As the senses are acclimated, a richer bouquet is revealed, with tahini, macadamia nut, leather, and roast pork.

Palate: Where the nose only hinted at oak, the palate explodes with it. There is gripping tannin, manuka honey, and the herbaceous complexity of an old world digestif. As a sip is held, it grows sweeter and mellower, tasting of French vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur.

Finish: The fruits return as fassionola syrup, and Italian stone fruit, rounded out with roasted chestnut. It fades on hickory smoke and black pepper.

With a splash of spring water: The nose gets creamier: banana, candied lemon and jammy apricot joining the pineapple to create a tropical fruit smoothie. A touch of juiced wheatgrass lends a hoppy vibe. The palate grows spicier, with fiery cinnamon joined by juniper berry and catnip before fading on chewing tobacco.


Whisky Advocate rating of 93


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