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Cask Finish Series: Mizunara

Casks made from rare Mizunara hardwood are a true work of art. The wood is meticulously cut, and the barrels carefully raised due to the wood’s characteristics. Mizunara finishing imparts subtle notes of sandalwood, herbal spice, and coconut to bourbon, and precision is required to craft a harmonious blend. This cask finished bourbon was expertly blended using bourbons distilled from multiple mash bills and finished in Mizunara casks for one and a half years.

Barrell Cask Finish Mizunara


Indiana: 6, 7, & 9 years old

Kentucky: 8 years old

Tennessee: 8 & 14 years old


Corn: 76%

Rye: 20%

Malted Barley: 4%

  • A blend of straight bourbon Whiskeys

  • Further matured in Mizunara barrels

  • Bottled in Kentucky

  • 115.52 proof cask strength bottling


An Invigorating nose of fresh strawberry and white peach interweaves with sugar cookies and toasted corn. Vibrant notes of lemongrass and peppermint hit the palate first, then transform to a deep sweetness of Medjool dates followed by an enthralling citrus and woodsy earthiness.


Appearance: Amber honey.

Nose: Starts with a burst of strawberry, golden raisin, amontillado sherry, and a touch of sawdust. Then sweeter notes of honey, vanilla, sugar cookie, and white peach appear, followed by cocoa, cherry, oiled leather, toasted corn, and palo santo.

Palate: The palate is viscous with herbaceous notes of lemongrass, star anise, and peppermint striking first. Honey, sweet cornbread, and dates appear followed by galangal and a woodsy note.

Finish: Spearmint, palo santo, lime zest, and ginger.

With a splash of spring water

An eruption of sandalwood, palo santo, vanilla, and cherry on the nose. The palate brightens with notes of lemon curd, fresh honey, sweet peppermint, and vanilla ice cream and finishes with ginger and lime zest.


Breaking Bourbon says "Barrell Craft Spirits limited edition Mizunara finished bourbon hits all the high points you might expect from a Mizunara finished bourbon, delivering a subtle, nuanced bourbon that should not be missed."

Inside Hook includes Barrell Cask Finish Mizunara in its "The Best New Whiskeys to Drink This June" calling it "...almost tropical in a way, with plenty of fruit and notes of corn, spearmint, cherry, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. Stellar."

Jim Vorel of Paste Magazine reviews Barrell Mizunara saying "The wood character of Barrell Mizunara manages to be simultaneously the star of the show, but also not beat the drinker over the head with the theme. I can only conclude that this has been blended in expert fashion, by someone seeking to highlight the star attraction without overexposing it.

Whiskey Fellow says Barrell Mizunara "is a unique Bourbon worth checking out. I’m happy to have a Bottle in my whiskey library, and I’m certain you’ll want one, too."

Whiskey Weather describes Barrell Mizunara as "very well rounded, very well blended.. this is a big win."

My Bourbon Journey reviews Barrell Mizunara and notes "The older whiskies in this are shining through. The Mizunara really enhances the fruit notes."

Everyday Drinker says Barrell Mizunara is "absolutely fantastic."

Dusty Dan's Whiskey Reviews states Barrell Mizunara is "... definitely a bottle I would buy...very unique, I really like it."

Whiskey Bonded says Barrell Mizunara is "extremely delicious... they nailed the balance of those subtle, spicy and the soft, sweet fruity notes and again Barrell nails it. You don't want to miss this one."

Whiskey Tornado says Barrell Mizunara "might be my favorite release from Barrell ever..this is 100% a buy.”

Peoples Bourbon Review tastes Barrell Mizunara describing it as "unusually smooth" and says "You will be pleasantly surprised by its complexity."

Bourbon Culture reviews Barrell Mizunara saying "The extra perfume fragrance and soft sandalwood notes are a pleasant addition to Barrell’s routinely flavorful bourbon."

Mostly Bourbon rates Mizunara as Excellent and says "The best decision Barrell Craft made for this release was to age the bourbon for a year and a half in the Mizunara casks. Paired with a delicious bourbon base, Barrell Craft has created an excellent, well-crafted, authentic Mizunara oak-finished bourbon that is reasonably priced. "

The Bourbon Judge says Barrell Mizunara is "exceptional honestly, and I don't say exceptional often.... I love the sweetness, I love the spiciness, and I love the slight burnt orange peel kind of note."

Your Drinking Buddy calls Barrell Mizunara "tasty, vanilla, cola" and says it "might do really well in my whiskies of the year tournament of bourbon at the end of the year."

SLB Drinks reviews Barrell Mizunara and and says "this is wicked good's fantastic, really is. It's next level."

Power of Bourbon calls Barrell Mizunara "an incredibly complex, delicious bourbon. The bourbon shines through but you definitely get the Mizunara part ... it's a very fine line between overpowering and ... Barrell always does a really good job."

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