Will Schragis of BCS joins the Bourbon Showdown Podcast to sip some whiskey and talk about the industry.
Barrell Rye and Dovetail were included on Dusty Dan’s Whiskey Reviews’ list of the Top 10 Whiskies of 2020. Barrell Rye was described as “one of the best ryes [he] had tried all year,” and the finishing on Dovetail was noted as being “absolutely phenomenal.”
The Neat Pour Podcast kicked off the new year by sipping Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021, with Nick from the podcast saying it was "the most approachable cask strength whiskey [he's] had in a while."
BCS National Director Will Schragis sits down with The Cartel Hour podcast to discuss the blending playground and what makes Barrell different.
When every release is unique, a blind taste test might prove challenging. Watch Kenny and Ryan of Bourbon Pursuit do a blind taste test of 15 Barrell Craft Spirits products to pick out their favorites and test their palates as Joe Beatrice and Fred Minnick moderate.
Tripp Stimson, BCS Director of Distillery Operations and Chief Whiskey Scientist, sits down with the Bourbon and BS Podcast to sample whiskey and talk shop.
What does @eatdrinksmoke think about Barrell Dovetail? Take a listen!
Barrell Craft Spirits National Director Will Schragis joins Urban Bourbonist to talk about "candy, seasons, gameshows, hot dogs... and oh yeah, some pretty awesome finished whiskeys."
Dan Dunn catches up with Barrell Craft Spirits founder Joe Beatrice on the most recent episode of What We're Drinking with Dan Dunn. The pair discusses how the business has changed since the onset of the pandemic, the background of the company, and the process of blending, from hypothetical combinations to execution.
Whiskey writer Lew Bryson and whiskey historian Sam Kolmenic taste nine Barrell whiskeys in their Whiskey Master Class Tastings Episode 3.
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It's Bourbon Night reviews five Barrell Whiskey Private Release finishes, including the Tokahi finish, Calvados finish Sicilian Amaro finish, Malmsey Madeira finish, and the Ruby Port finish.
Barrell Craft Spirits Chief Whiskey Scientist Tripp Stimson joins Bourbon Pursuit podcast in the studio to dive into the nitty gritty science of distillation, from pH levels to yeast strains.
Fred Minnick sits down with BCS founder Joe Beatrice to talk about how the spirits business has changed since COVID-19, and what operations will look like in the coming months.
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Hosts Matt and Mark of The Bourbon Life Podcast talk with Tripp Stimson, Master Distiller of Barrell Craft Spirits about Tripp's past experience in the Bourbon industry, what's coming up for BCS, and spends time tasting and reviewing Barrell Bourbon Batches 020, 021, and 022.
Tripp Stimson of Barrell Craft Spirits joins the Whiskey Crusaders to talk Barrell Bourbons, Ryes, and Whiskeys.
Nic Christiansen, BCS Single Barrel Program Manager, joins Mandy and Adam of Kentucky Bourbon Trail, where she mixed up a fun citrus cocktail, using Barrell Dovetail in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
Dads Drinking Bourbon catch up in the studio while sipping some Barrell Bourbon Batch 020, Bourbon Batch 021, and American Vatted Malt.
Sips, Suds, & Smokes reviews Bourbon Batch 017, Bourbon Batch 018, Bourbon Batch 019, Dovetail, and Infinite Barrel Project.
BCS National Director Will Schragis speaks with WhiskyBuzz about the latest offerings from Barrell, including rye, bourbon, and other spirits.
Barrell Craft Spirits founder Joe Beatrice joins the Shift Drink Podcast to talk about his story, various rum releases, and the importance of being meticulous in the business.