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This Just In

We love to see our name in print. Jonah Flicker includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 018 in Esquire's 10 Best Bourbon Brands to Drink Right Now. He says "There are bourbon brands that source their whiskey, slap a label on it, and call it a day. Then there are companies like Barrell Bourbon, which carefully selects stock from various whiskey-producing areas, tastes and blends innovative combinations, and frequently releases new batches without being afraid of missing the mark." Modern Thirst rates Barrell Dovetail a 91 saying "the cab and port are the stars here, and the slight rum finish is wonderful. I found myself gazing into my glass throughout this review and marveling in everything that it has to offer ... this bottle is 100% worth the price." Adventures in Whiskey reviews the 2019 New Orleans Bourbon Festival barrel pick - Single Barrel G633 "... On the nose, dark chocolate covered caramel kicks things off alongside aromas of baking spice, fruit, some vanilla pod, and old oak. This whiskey screams balance on the palate. Orange peel and black cherries meet dark caramel and honey. A wave of baking spices (cinnamon and cardamon) washes over the mid-palate. Developing soon after are cigar box and some dark, oaky notes. The finish is long, with a sweet tobacco, cardamon, and caramel chew."

What's On Now

Our newest release, Barrell Bourbon Batch 018, is now available. We began with a juicy and tropical 11-year-old blend and layered in more structured and spice-driven 14 and 15-year-old barrels to give this batch a serious amount of character and bite. It's a blend of straight bourbons with all the comfort of your favorite Old Fashioned -- sweet and rich with notes of honey, orange and cherry. Coffee and tropical fruit on the palate lead into an earthy finish that invites thoughtful contemplation as the whiskey continues to evolve.

  • Distilled and aged in Tennessee and Kentucky

  • Selection of 11, 14 and 15-year-old barrels

  • 111.56 proof cask strength bottling

On the horizon is Barrell Bourbon Batch 019, which will be available in May. We sorted a careful selection of 9.5 to14-year-old barrels from Kentucky and Tennessee into 5 groups. We then blended portions of those 5 groups together to maximize the unique qualities of each. The sweet opening notes give way to nutty and herbaceous nuance, all overlaid by a lattice of barrel spice.

  • Distilled and aged in Tennessee and Kentucky

  • Selection of 9.5 to 14-year-old barrels

  • 109.4 proof cask strength bottling


Need we say more? You can find them here.

Raise a Glass We’ll be pouring Barrell Bourbon and other great releases, at multiple locations in the next few months - including the Houston Whiskey Social and Binny's World of Whiskeys in March, Mohegan Sun Whiskey Union, Whiskey Obsession, Whiskey on Ice, American Whiskey Fest and Thirst Boston in April. Check our website and Facebook page for a current list of events.

Don’t miss a drop We appreciate every retailer, bar and restaurant that carries our products. Please check the Store Locator on our website to find a retailer near you, or one that will ship directly to you. Be sure to tag us if you're holding a tasting or posting a photo because we're happy to promote it on social media. And if you'd like to help us grow organically, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help get the word out about Barrell Craft Spirits.

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