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Our Playlist Collection is Growing

Announcing the release of the next two tracks of Joe’s Playlist, a collection of small releases available exclusively online. Joe’s Playlist Track #8 Short Squeeze Short Squeeze is a Private Release Bourbon made up of 5, 9, 13, and 15 year old barrels. It was selected for its balance and cunning micro-blend decisions, and named for the news cycle that dominated the week of its selection. We’re always interested in creativity, communication and a well-placed bet. There are 160 bottles available. Joe's Playlist Track #9 "I Know a Guy" Private Release Whiskey DHA3 is a blend of Kentucky Whiskeys aged up to 18 years and finished in a St. Agrestic Brooklyn Amaro cask. Having worked much of his career in New York, Joe knows the importance of "knowing a guy" in Brooklyn to source the best goods and ingredients. These secondary maturation casks are a true testament to that. There are 168 cases available. From each series of Single Barrels and Private Releases, Joe makes selections that embodies that specific lot of barrels. As most of our Single Barrels and Private Releases go to one specific retailer or club, this is our way of offering special picks to our friends and supporters regardless of where they live. These releases can be ordered here. Join members of the Barrell Blending Team when we taste these on March 11th. Register here


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