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Barrell Whiskey Batch 003

Hot and sweet Rainier cherries in a salty, butter-rich flaky pie crust in the nose with hints of caramelized nuts and broiled grapefruit.  Charred raw sugar emerges along with English Trifle and Oloroso Sherry to sustain a multi-minute finish evoking the cask this liquid was born in.  Dry butter biscuits and bursts of stone fruit jam over hot corn hush puppies delight the drinker.

  • Distilled in Tennessee

  • Aged in Tennessee and Kentucky

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 105.3 proof cask strength bottling

  • Aged for 5 years in American white oak barrels

  • Marriage of 20% Sherry butt finished and 80% Port pipe finished whiskey

  • Mash bill: corn, rye, malted barley​


  • Whiskey Advocate rating of 89

  • Wine Enthusiast rating of 93



Appearance: Deeply burnished copper and molten gold with darker swirls of late fall leaves and brick dust.  Swirls of the wrist reveal more complex shades reminiscent of black tea and rare Pedro Ximénez Sherry.

Nose: Fire roasted corn, black cherries and a tantalizing burst of tangerine oil in the nose weave their way up your nose, gentling warming your nostrils with 105.3 proof heat.  Each further sniff reveals an aroma recalling hot pot pie with slowly roasted root vegetables, steaming hot butter, and a rich and flaky hand-turned pastry crust.

Palate: Juicy caramelized summer fruit swirl across the tongue.  Each sip is luxurious and reminiscent of fine sherry.  Dollops of bittersweet chocolate dipped walnuts, wet saddle leather, and a crisp dryness contribute to sips of uncommon depth and balance.

Finish: Rich sweet cream with bursts of mineral tinged sea salt and sun-bleached oak.  Sherry-soaked bread pudding punctuated by a final flourish of cinnamon bark and sugar cane simple syrup.

With a few drops of spring water

Smooth and creamy across the upper palate and through the nose with a frosting of sea salt and sweet, sherry soaked wood. Each further sips lead to a multi-minute conclusion permeated by dollops of smoky raw honey and seeded rye toast in steaming hot lemon curd dotted with oily orange zests across the tongue, spilling headlong down the throat.

Tasting Notes by Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer


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