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Barrell Whiskey Batch 004

Barrell Whiskey 004 was distilled in Indiana and Tennessee and aged for 11 years in used American oak barrels, then finished in rum casks and rye barrels and bottled in Kentucky at 120.6 proof. We selected barrels of a Tennessee bourbon and an Indiana whiskey for this batch. Separately, the two whiskeys were finished in either rum casks left over from Barrell Rum Batch 001 production, or rye barrels to add structure and spice. We made four combinations: Tennessee whiskey finished in rum casks, Tennessee whiskey finished in rye barrels, Indiana whiskey finished in rum casks, and Indiana whiskey finished in rye barrels. We then selected and blended a number of barrels of both whiskeys with both finishes to create something really special.

  • Cask strength American whiskey

  • Distilled in Indiana and Tennessee

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 120.6 proof cask strength bottling

  • Aged for 11 Years in used American oak barrels

  • Finished in rum casks and rye barrels

  • Mash bill: corn, rye, malted barley


  • Gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2017

  • Finalist (95 Points) in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2017

  • Whisky Advocate rating of 93

  • Wine Enthusiast rating of 90


Caramelized pineapple, rich warm coconut milk and nutmeg give way to steaming spice stone fruit compote and raw cacao.  The 120.6 proof beguiles with faint whiffs of Caribbean forest and complex aromatics like cardamom, clove, and kaffir lime.  Vanilla paste mingles with puffs of cinnamon swirled sweet butter atop crunchy sourdough toast. 


Appearance: Sun dried golden hay at the edges meets deep, viscous butterscotch legs that meld into the burnished copper core.  Spins of the wrist flick light through and across yielding bursts of gold.

Nose: Sweet tropical fruits mixed with deeply saturated wood and banana leaves.  Lingering vanilla and freshly crushed sugar cane melts into corn fritters and citrus oil.

Palate: Creamy milk sugar and caramelized plantains abound amidst smoky homemade butterscotch pudding.  Richly textured, each sip leads to a drying finish that surprises and delights.

Finish: Cascading smoke and fat coat the inside of the mouth.  Roasted grapefruit and sweet and tangy lemon curd follow providing a sumptuous end that you will want to repeat.

With a few drops of spring water

This whiskey takes on a softer texture, teeming with dark chocolate and cast iron cornbread.  Further sips evoke fruit and sea salt as the liquid coats the tongue and mouth, culminating in a mesmerizing finish.

Tasting Notes by Warren BobrowThe Cocktail Whisperer


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