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Barrell Dovetail features woody bourbon finished in Dunn Vineyards Cabernet casks, Late Bottled Vintage Port pipes, and blackstrap molasses rum casks. Each release is blended to taste and bottled at true cask strength, resulting in subtle proof variations between blends. Barrell Dovetail is a whiskey as unique as it is delicious, its interlocking components both visible and seamlessly merged — just like a perfect dovetail joint in a handmade cabinet.

Barrell Dovetail
  • Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2022


  • DOUBLE PLATINUM at the ASCOT Awards - 2021

  • BEST AMERICAN WHISKEY at the John Barleycorn Awards - 2021

  • DOUBLE GOLD at the John Barleycorn Awards - 2021

  • CHAIRMAN'S TROPHY at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2020

  • TOP 100 SPIRITS (97 POINTS) at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2020

  • Double Gold (96 POINTS) at the New York International Spirits Competition - 2020

  • Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2019

  • Gold (Whiskey: Barrel Finished category) at Whiskies of the World - 2019

  • Whisky Advocate rating of 90

Woodworkers spend years perfecting their dovetail joints. The best are painstakingly cut by hand, ensuring that each interlocking piece fits together perfectly. Done well, a dovetail joint is both beautiful and strong, transcending utilitarian carpentry and approaching the realm of art. No wonder they’re almost never hidden, but instead proudly displayed on the front edges of drawers and tops of chests as the hallmark of a life dedicated to craft.

Whiskey making, of course, is another type of woodworking — only our medium is oak barrels, not cherry or walnut boards. We spent almost a year perfecting the blend for Barrell Dovetail, honing the interplay between the various components in much the same way a cabinetmaker fine-tunes the fit between pin and tail.

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Appearance: Rose gold with highlights of worn copper.

Nose: Opens with mature aromas both sweet (canelé, panna cotta, crème de noyaux) and savory (walnut oil, leather). This is followed quickly by a vast array of fruit derived both from the spirit (smoked apricot, grapefruit peel) as well as the cask treatment (sloe gin, damson jam). The aroma is high toned, pungently floral and herbaceous, with subtle, balancing pops of minerality.

Palate: Darker (cocoa, molasses, burnt marshmallow) and spicier (cola, nutmeg, Tellicherry peppercorn) than the nose, an effect well-complemented by the cask treatment and rendered more complex by the savory and herbaceous themes running throughout.

Finish: A sweet and elegant signature of rose jelly, chestnut honey, and Pineau des Charentes that also features hazelnut, eucalyptus, and Corsican mint.

With a few drops of spring water

An unexpected avalanche of orange and tropical notes of watermelon, lychee and vanilla on the nose.



The Scotch Noob reviews Dovetail, calling it "tasty" and "robust."

Men's Journal includes Dovetail in their roundup of 10 Special-Barrel-Finished Whiskeys You Need to Try, saying it's "a memorable whiskey packing flavors of molasses, toasted marshmallows, dried fruits, chocolate, vanilla, and cracked black pepper."

Whiskey Apostle reviews Barrell Dovetail, giving it a "Stands Out/Must Try" rating.

Gear Patrol features Barrell Dovetail in their article titled The Best Bourbons to Buy in 2022, According to Experts

Christopher Devern from Red Owl Tavern selects Barrell Dovetail in an Uproxx feature titled, "Bartenders Name Their Absolute Favorite Whiskey Sips Of 2021"

Weekly Whiskey lists Dovetail as one of Ten Bottles of Whiskey You Need to Start 2022 the Right Way, saying, “it will scratch an itch you did not know you had”

Barrell Dovetail is included on Susannah Skiver Barton’s list for Men’s Journal of 5 Affordable Limited-Edition Bourbons and Whiskeys You Can Actually Find.

Barrell Dovetail featured in the 2020 Food and Wine's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Barrell Rye and Dovetail included on Dusty Dan’s Whiskey Reviews’ list of the Top 10 Whiskies of 2020. Barrell Rye was described as “one of the best ryes [he] had tried all year,” and the finishing on Dovetail was noted as being “absolutely phenomenal.”

Barrell Dovetail was ranked #4 on Uproxx's list of The Best Bourbons of 2020, where it was described as being "a well-rounded dram with serious depth."

Uproxx includes Barrell Dovetail on their list of The Best Limited Edition Bourbon Releases Of 2020, calling this year's bottling, "another multi-award-winning masterpiece."

What does @eatdrinksmoke think about Barrell Dovetail? Take a listen!

We’re honored to earn the highest award at International Beverage Competitions with a Double Gold Win for Barrell Dovetail. Bourbon Batches 023 and 024 won Gold.

Whiskeyfellow reviews Barrell Dovetail, saying “I'd buy this one all day long.”

Bourbon Smith Calls Barrell Dovetail, “A Great Bourbon With All The Best Elements Of Rum, Port And Cabernet, Expertly Compiled Into One Delicious Bottle.”


Modern Thirst Gives Barrell Dovetail A 91/100


Adventures In Whiskey Gives Barrell Dovetail A 9/10


Bourbon Banter Reviews Barrell Dovetail


Breaking Bourbon Reviews Barrell Dovetail: Barrell Craft Spirits Continues to Impress With a Whiskey Release Layered In Flavors That’s as Satisfying as it is Unique


The Whiskey Wash Reviews Barrell Dovetail

The Alcohol Professor includes Barrell Dovetail in their list, "New American Whiskey to Try, and Old Favorites to Revisit."

Business Wire: Dovetail Awarded Chairman’s Trophy at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Whiskey Consensus reviews Barrell Dovetail, calling it "a very good whiskey" and noting that it is "well-balanced and complex."

Sips, Suds, & Smokes reviews Bourbon Batch 017, Bourbon Batch 018, Bourbon Batch 019, Dovetail, and Infinite Barrel Project

The Bourbon Culture Reviews Barrell Craft Spirits Releases Both Old and New in Their Article of The 10 Best Whiskeys From Barrell Craft Spirits.

Whiskey Culture Gives Dovetail a 4/5, noting that "the blend moves through the sweetness of the port and rum in the nose, to savory in the palate, and dry and earthy on the finish."

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