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cask finish series

Barrell Craft Spirits’ Cask Finish Series is a celebration of the incredible range of flavors created when thoughtful finishing meets expert blending.


Barrell Craft Spirits believes that a unique finish is only as good as the base bourbon. Each year, we release a collection of Cask Finish Series bottlings that combine decades of blending experience with some of the most exciting finishing casks in the industry. The result is a series of limited-edition spirits that are truly more than the sum of their parts, showcasing the influence of the finishing cask without compromising the integrity of the underlying blend.

Barrell Craft Spirits Mizunara


Casks made from rare Mizunara hardwood are a true work of art. The wood is meticulously cut, and the barrels carefully raised due to the wood’s characteristics. Mizunara finishing imparts subtle notes of sandalwood, herbal spice, and coconut to bourbon, and precision is required to craft a harmonious blend. This cask finished bourbon was expertly blended using bourbons distilled from multiple mash bills and finished in Mizunara casks for one and a half years.

Barrell Cask Finish Series


Amburana casks are challenging to work with, as they impart strong cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla spice notes. True blending expertise is required to enhance the bourbon with Amburana and maintain balance. The Barrell Craft Spirits blending team created a bourbon blend of two mash bills with different char levels finished in Amburana casks. A vatting of individual casks without finishing was layered in to add depth, richness and complexity, ensuring the bourbon shines through first and foremost.​

Barrell Cask Finish Series


In 2018, the Barrell Craft Spirits team produced the legendary Tale of Two Islands Rum: a Jamaican Rum matured in peated Islay single malt barrels. Those empty casks have been used to finish a blend of straight bourbons. The sweetness of the rum and the smokiness of the Islay casks mingle together with the underlying bourbon that continues the Tale of Two Islands.

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