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Gray Label Seagrass Solo Shot.png
  • Matured for 16 years

  • Distilled in Canada

  • Rye whiskey finished in Martinique rhum, Madeira, and apricot brandy casks

  • Aged in the US and Canada​

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 130.82 proof cask strength bottling (Spring 2022)

  • 133.34 proof cask strength bottling (Fall 2022)

The foundation of BCS Gray Label Seagrass began with two groups of 16-year-old 100% Canadian Rye barrels - one with bright citrus and crisp green apple notes and the other with earthy spearmint notes. A portion of the first group was finished in Apricot Brandy casks, a portion of the second group was finished in Martinique rhum barrels, and a blend of the first and second groups was finished in Malmsey Madeira barrels.  When each set of secondary maturation flavors peaked, those casks were pulled and slowly married into the final blend.

This deeply mature and rye whiskey has a classic, grassy aroma reinforced by the equally iconic, fresh notes of aged Rhum Agricole. On the palate, the oily rye is complemented by the oxidative, nutty madeira character that also balances that richness with exuberant acidity. Apricot brandy casks splash bright, sometimes tropical fruit over the finish before it fades to reveal the maritime minerality that lends this whiskey its name.

Appearance: Rich, golden straw.

Nose: The savory side of rye is showcased by an array of exotic spices and seeds–caraway, fenugreek, dill, and mustard. Rye toast, grilled cornbread, and roasted taro root give it a bready depth. The Rhum Agricole barrels bolster the spirit’s innate grassy notes of cucumber peel, black olive, and bark mulch. Beyond the cask’s prior contents, the oak itself is expressed by cigar tobacco, coffee, and cinnamon.

Palate: Extremely oily, displaying notes of peanut-, coconut-, and tea tree–oils. As it’s held in the mouth it grows creamier with soy milk and cocoa butter. A bright lemonade note buoys nutty sunflower seed in a nod toward the madeira barrels. That madeira influence expands into notes of grapefruit peel, verjus, and gravel.

Finish: The apricot brandy casks pick up where the madeira left off, bursting forth with passionfruit, mirabelle plum, and banana peel. Now the collective minerality of the rye and its respective finishes wash over the palate with notes of chalk dust, flint, paraffin, and cedar smoke.

With a splash of spring water: The maritime scent of fresh costal breeze is dialed up. Maraschino liqueur, cloudberry, and green apple herald a fresh fruitiness. Meanwhile marmalade, burnt marshmallows, and roasted chestnut sweeten the palate considerably. It gets a bit woodsier too, with balsam, wild mint, and raspberry leaf.


Whiskey Raiders describes Barrell Seagrass as “all-star material” in their roundup of the 10 Best Rye Whiskeys Spirits Critic Jay West Has Ever Tasted. BCS Gold Label Seagrass and Gray Label Seagrass are also included.
Men's Journal includes Gray Label Seagrass in their list of 10 Extra-special Valentine’s Day Whiskies That Show How Much You Care, calling it "rich, oily, and unforgettably different."

Whiskey Raiders names Gray Label Seagrass "The Best Whiskey of 2022," calling it "nothing short of perfection."

Weekly Whiskey reviews BCS Gray Label Seagrass describing it as "unique, exciting, delicious, and fun"

Film & Whiskey podcast reviews Gray Label Seagrass, naming it one of their top 5 whiskeys.

Power of Bourbon reviews Gray Label Seagrass, saying, “if you like Barrell products, you should probably pick this up.”

Whiskeyfellow reviews Gray Label Seagrass, noting, "a complicated back featured oak, citrus, green grape, plum, and smoke."

Men's Journal includes Gray Label Seagrass in their roundup of the 10 Valentine's Day Whiskies to Gift This Year, describing it as "unforgettably different"
Breaking Bourbon reviews Gray Label Seagrass, calling it a, “a must for anyone that loves Barrell Seagrass.”
Bourbon Finder gives BCS Gray Label Seagrass an A score, calling it "a great performer."
Whiskey Raiders gives BCS Gray Label Seagrass a perfect score of 100: "downright delicious"
Barrell Craft Spirits releases BCS Gray Label Seagrass
 Barleycorn Drinks features Gray Label Seagrass, describing the palate as, "a rich and oily mouthfeel loaded with bright citrus and herbal notes like spearmint."

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