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Meet our Master Distiller

Tripp Stimson has spent over 12 years in the alcohol beverage industry. Microbiology, distillery operation and processes, quality control, troubleshooting and remediation – he’s done it all. Tripp hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2004, following his graduation from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, he was recruited as a Research and Development Scientist for the Brown Forman Corporation, headquarters to Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and Old Forrester. There he gained his experience in yeasting, fermentation, and the distillery sciences and operations that make a distillery operate successfully and efficiently. Following his 9 years with Brown Forman, Tripp formed his own consulting company providing the technical expertise needed to design, build and efficiently run a new distillery. He’s been a key component in the success of distilleries around the country, including right here in Kentucky. Most recently, he helped to design and build the Kentucky Artisan Distillery, where he was later employed as Master Distiller and the Director of Distillery Operations. He oversaw all the Jefferson’s Reserve project design and implementation including Jefferson’s Groth, and Jefferson’s Barrel Aged Manhattan. Additionally, he built the first malting operation in Kentucky in 2016. Tripp met Joe Beatrice at KAD and they began their work there together blending and producing interesting and unique whiskeys. He joined Barrell Craft Spirits in January of 2017 as the Master Distiller and Director of Distillery Operations and is responsible for developing our product formulation and leading the distillery building initiative.

We're in Rye Spirits

Our Barrell Rye Batch 001 is a labor of love. We’ve been working on it for a while to make sure we got it right. Sweeter malted barley rye barrels were combined with spicier high-rye barrels to create a unique flavor experience. It’s a blend of two ryes - one with 51% rye / 49% malted barley and the other with rye, corn, and malted barley in the mashbill. Not a straight rye, since we used rye from different states, it was distilled​ and aged in Indiana and Tennessee for 4 1/2 years in American white oak barrels, then was crafted and bottled in Kentucky at 117 proof. Like all our whiskeys, it’s cask strength and never colored, flavored, or diluted. Breaking Bourbon describes the palate as “Sweet cane sugar mingles with a hint of rye spice initially. Warm baked bread, toffee, and butterscotch follow. There’s a maltiness to it that creates a base for the other flavors, rounding everything out. All of these flavors are delivered gently, and nicely balance one another. It’s less potent than the 117 proof would suggest, but still direct.” The Whiskey Reviewer says “Butterscotch and toffee from the high malt content are underscored by rye spice and sugarcane juice on the palate. The high alcohol content rears its head by kicking in some extra, potency-driven spiciness.” Barrell Rye is now on the shelf at liquor stores in states where we're distributed.

Batch 012

Barrell Bourbon Batch 012 is selling out quickly, but you can still find some at stores in most states. This is an extremely smooth, fruit-forward bourbon that shows its spice in the mid-palate, and its drawn out complexity in a long, layered finish. We think you'll enjoy it. Bourbon Scout says “Sweet tobacco, vanilla, oak, and cinnamon bun…I found it difficult to take away from my nose…Compared to many of the previous batches, 012 seems to really hang onto that sweetness. The heat quickly vanishes to reveal that vanilla, cinnamon spice, candy-like profile.” Adventures in Whiskey says “On entry, creamy caramel and vanilla cake create a wonderfully rich bed. Waves of spice build, while dark chocolate arrives on the mid-palate. Some oak tannins and leather show up late to the party. Nice. Complex. The finish is long and warm, with hints of fresh squeezed citrus, a hint of wood smoke, and slightly astringent oak spice.”

Hot Enough for You?

We made it to Georgia and Florida this spring and would like to give a shout out to some of the places that have welcomed us with open arms. Mac McGee’s, Congress Street Social Club and the Red Phone Booth in Georgia are all serving our latest batches. In Florida you can now request Barrell Bourbon at The Dutch at the W Hotel in South Beach. Check the Store Locator on our where to buy page to find a retailer near you, or one that will ship directly to you. Retailers and Bars - tag us if you're holding a Barrell Bourbon tasting or posting a photo because we're happy to promote it on social media. We’ll be pouring bourbon at the Big Bourbon Bar at the Inaugural Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville, KY the weekend of September 23 and hope to see you there. Bourbon food, and music – what more can you want? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest news and to help get the word out about Barrell Bourbon. Lift your spirits.

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