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High Praise

We're pleased that both Infinite Barrel Project and Bourbon Batch 015 received scores of 90 from whiskey expert Fred Minnick in the most recent Whisky Advocate Magazine. He wrote Batch 015 "would pair great with a bold cigar" and "if you like trying new things, this is an American cadre of flavors unlike anything out there" about Infinite Barrel Project. Fred is the lead American whiskey reviewer for Whisky Advocate and serves on the magazine’s blind tasting panel to select the whisky of the year.

Other recent press: Breaking Bourbon reviewed Infinite Barrel Project saying "Needless to say, this concept is a unique one. While many of us have infinity bottles at home, I’ve yet to see a producer turn the concept into an ongoing release... To say this first release of Infinite Barrel Project whiskey is a success would be accurate." Adventures in Whiskey said "Barrell Whiskey Infinite Barrel Project stands out as a ‘must try’ whiskey, one that commands your attention upon tasting. And one that you’ll want to compare to future bottlings. Recommended!" Axis of Whiskey called Infinite Barrel Project "bewitching" and Bourbon Batch 015 "a great summer bourbon." And for a close up look at what goes on at Barrell Craft Spirits, check out Margarett Waterbury's article for Whiskey Wash called "Breaking the Rules with Barrell Craft Spirits."

The Infinite Barrel Project

The Infinite Barrel Project, which honors the Infinity bottle tradition, is an ongoing blend of an ever-changing whiskey that will evolve slowly over time. Our objective is to create a unique blend for every bottling and we consider each bottling to be an iteration of the same whiskey, not a new release.

We began by selecting barrels for their flavor contribution and complexity and blending them in a larger single, or "Infinite" vessel. At each bottling, we’ll remove a portion of that whiskey and replace it with other barrels that will complement the remaining blend. We'll then repeat the process - bottling a portion and adding newly selected whiskeys each time, never bottling more than roughly 10%. To date, we have bottled 5 times. Because we consider each bottling to be the same product, different bottlings will appear in different places across the country, as stores and bars re-order what is available. If you want to learn more about making your own infinity bottle, check out this interview with Joe Beatrice by Kara Newman of The Wine Enthusiast. Bourbon Batch 015 Our newest Barrell Bourbon release comes from a selection of bright and syrupy9.5, 10 and 11 year old barrels that were distilled and aged in Tennessee and Kentucky, and bottled at 107.6 proof. The barrels were carefully blended, resulting in a sophisticated, balanced bourbon loaded with apple, gingerbread and honeyed corn notes. Batch 015 is now available in stores.

Raise a Glass We’ve been busy with tastings and whiskey events all across the country. We’ll be pouring bourbon at the Houston Whiskey Social in July, Southern Whiskey Society in August, Bourbon and Beyond in September, and Nashville Whiskey Fest in October. Check our website and Facebook page for a current list of events. Check the Store Locator on our website to find a retailer near you, or one that will ship directly to you. Special thanks to Win(o)t in NY, Oak Liquor Cabinet in TX, Stanley Station in KS, Crossroads Wine & Spirits in AR, Beverage Superstore and Max's Bottle Shop in GA, Zipps Liquors in MN, and Mr B's Wine & Spirits in CO for posting about Barrell on social media.

Don’t miss a drop We appreciate every retailer, bar and restaurant that carries our products. Tag us if you're holding a Barrell Bourbon tasting or posting a photo because we're happy to promote it on social media. And if you'd like to help us grow organically, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help get the word out about Barrell Bourbon.

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