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What's New

Our newest release, Barrell Bourbon Batch 020, is now available. This batch was blended from a selection of barrels from Tennessee and Kentucky. We started with 10-year-old barrels with a lush, prominent fruit profile and balanced them with 14-year-old oak-forward barrels resulting in a complex bourbon with an engaging brightness. Sweet but not excessively oaky, this bourbon opens fruity and softly spiced while a floral side builds over time. Its flavor is focused but complex, with notes of Oolong tea and forest floor leading to a finish of punchy fruits and racy minerality.

  • Distilled and aged in Tennessee and Kentucky

  • Selection of 10 to 14-year-old barrels

  • 106.7 proof cask strength bottling

R & D Barrell Craft Spirits strives to constantly add dimension and depth to our products, and our recent batches highlight our blending expertise and the evolution of our products. Since 2015, when we were named Best Bourbon and Best Small Batch at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition with Barrell Bourbon Batch 011, we've recognized the need not to rest on these awards but to work hard on each offering. We're constantly pushing ourselves to come up with new and interesting blends. So we're particularly excited about two new releases coming up this fall...

American Vatted Malt We're thrilled to announce the release of our first-ever Barrell Whiskey American Vatted Malt. This bottling is a blend of exclusively American single malt whiskeys. We partnered with small and large producers across the country to select whiskeys that express the full diversity of American terroir and style. The resulting blend is remarkable, and we are proud to be the first to showcase the growing category of American single malt in this way. We chose the name “American Vatted Malt” as an homage to the old Scottish category of vatted malt, which was once the preferred nomenclature to describe a blended whisky made entirely from single malts. Today, the Scots refer to that style as blended malt, but affection for the term “vatted” lives on. As a new category, American single malt producers are notoriously creative, looking to their local environment and regional traditions to create distinctive whiskeys. That meant the blend was a challenging one technically, as it asked us to bring together a plethora of unique components. Never before have we strived to balance the distinctive tang of Southwestern mesquite smoke with the sweet and creamy maltiness of malted barley, or contrast briny coastal peat with the warm vanilla character of toasted oak. The resulting blend is complex and multi-faceted, rewarding the drinker with unfolding layers of flavor. This first release of American Vatted Malt was years in the making, as many of the components in the blend come from emerging distilleries that have never traded or sold bulk whiskey before. The physical and logistical work of sourcing and blending with a group of small, independent producers is neither easy nor short, but we believe it lays the groundwork for a new, exciting, and collaborative future. Some of our collaborators have asked to remain anonymous, but the core group of partners includes: • Balcones Distillery, Waco, Texas • Hamilton Distillers Del Bac, Tucson, Arizona • MGP, Lawrenceburg, Indiana • Harvest Distillery, Valatie, New York • Santa Fe Distillery, Santa Fe, New Mexico • Kings Country Distillery, Brooklyn, New York We look forward to continuing to work with this group of innovative whiskey producers while searching out new partners for future releases of Barrell Craft Spirits Vatted Malt. In addition to expanding our ever-growing portfolio of spirits, this new project is an important step in advancing our vision of the next chapter of whiskey in America.

Private Release Series The first in our Private Release Series is our Barrell Private Release Rum. This was a project in detailed blending, on a scale small enough to allow extreme precision. Each release is a unique blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica, and Guyana, as well as rhum agricôle from Martinique. Once created, these blends are married in single casks, many of which were previously used for other spirits and/or wines. This is the first time in our company’s history that we have offered “micro” blends to the public. The Private Release Rum Series lets us exercise our blending expertise while maintaining a single barrel-like scale controlled entirely by hand and by palate. Our goal is always to maximize the best attributes of each component. Every ounce of every ingredient changes the overall character of these blends, as does the barrel that each one is aged in. For that reason, these rums take months to polish and perfect. While we may be able to replicate the recipe for these releases, the unique nature of each ingredient and the barrel they are married in makes every bottling singularly special. Some of these Private Release Rums will be sent in their entirety to specific stores and clubs. As we grow, we are dedicated to continuing to source the finest ingredients we can from around the world, and using them to blend spirits that are far greater than the sum of their parts. We can't wait to share these projects with the world!


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