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Barrell Black Silk Julep

2 oz Barrell Foundation Bourbon

1/2 oz St. Agrestis Amaro

1 bar spoon (or 1 tsp) demerara syrup (made using a 2:1 ratio of demerara sugar to water

Several sprigs of fresh mint

4-5 fresh blackberries

Crushed or shaved ice

2-3 St. Agrestis soaked blackberries for garnish

Powdered sugar

A modern and fruity spin on the classic mint julep, Barrell Black Silk Julep includes fresh mint and blackberries muddled in syrup.

Start by rubbing a few sprigs of fresh mint on the inside of your dry julep cup to release aromatic oils and begin building aroma. Add 4-5 fresh blackberries to the julep cup. Add demerara syrup and St. Agrestis Amaro to your glass and gently muddle until the oils and aromas have been released from the blackberries and mint. Next, add Barrell Foundation Bourbon. Overfill the julep cup with crushed ice, creating a domed top. To garnish, tuck a generous bouquet of fresh mint into the glass, then pick 2-3 St. Agrestis soaked blackberries on a cocktail pick and place next to the mint. Finish by dusting with powdered sugar.


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