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Come Taste with Us

Join members of the Barrell Blending Team as we unveil our newest bourbon release, Barrell Bourbon Batch 024 on June 10th. We’ll go through the process of how this blend was formed and polished and talk about our blending philosophies and practices in general. Register here for this free event. If you'd like to taste along with us for a better experience, go to our website and click the Buy Now button to purchase from a retailer that will ship to you.   Batch 024 is a marriage of high rye bourbons ranging in age from 9 to15 years old. The 9, 10, and 13 year-old barrels were chosen for their peppery assertiveness, making this "spice box" marriage wonderfully robust yet a little rough around the edges. We refined the blend by adding in citrus forward, lower proof, 15-year-old barrels bit by bit, ensuring that the rye forward base would continue to shine, while delivering a lush mouthfeel. Want to learn more about Barrell Craft Spirits and the team? Come to our Virtual Open House on May 28th.

Coming Soon

We'll soon release our first 24 Private Release WhiskeysThese are24 unique blends, focusing on one 18-year-old Kentucky Whiskey, each finished in its own secondary barrel or cask. Some of the finishes include Ice Wine, Sauternes, PX Sherry, Armagnac, Scotch, and Calvados.You can read about them in Brad Japhe's Wall Street Journal article.

More Accolades

Distiller highlights Infinite Barrel Project in its Whiskey Experiments For Home Imbibing.

Men's Journal includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 023 among the Best Bourbons of 2020, calling it deserving of respect and attention.

Uproxx puts Barrell's American Vatted Malt on their list of Small Batch Whiskey for Summer Sipping. 

Paste Magazine calls Barrell Bourbon Batch 023 a "powerful bourbon, but supple at the same time" and Barrell Rye Batch 003" a very pure expression of the rye grain itself.”

Uncrate describes Barrell Rye Batch 003 as a "multi-layered rye" with a "caramel-rich profile" and a finish of "candied fruit and spice."

The Whiskey Jug reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 023 calling it an "oaky, sweetly rustic bourbon."

Many thanks

If you're a bar or retailer that wants to do a Virtual Tasting with us, send an email to We're happy to participate. Coming up next is our tasting with Joe Canal's Fire Road in NJ.Click here to learn more and register.

We appreciate every retailer, bar and restaurant that carries our products.Be sure to tag us if you're posting a photo because we're happy to promote it on social media. And if you'd like to help us grow organically, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help get the word out about Barrell Craft Spirits.


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