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Barrell Armida began as an experiment, trying to make a dream whiskey come to fruition: What flavors and aromas are we most excited to find in bourbon? Where in the world of spirits do those flavors exist? Can we finish and blend whiskeys to tease the subtle flavors we are looking for from the edges of perception into the forefront? More than a year later we find ourselves with a whiskey with subtle hints of spice and orchard fruit we chase in bourbons amplified into balance and power we have never found before. Armida is a blend of three Straight Bourbon Whiskeys finished separately in Pear Brandy, Jamaican Rum, and Sicilian Amaro Casks. The ripe, floral pear notes provide a soft entrance into a whiskey and adorned with hits of spice and arid citrus derived from the Amaro casks (and also the toasty bourbon itself). This mélange of flavor is framed by the ripe, tropical sweetness found in rum finished whiskeys. Armida is a journey for the palate: from a brisk northern orchard to an ancient island, it ends up exactly where we intended, with an immensely complex and satisfying whiskey.  While constructing the blend for this whiskey, Joe was taken by how nostalgic some of the combinations of flavors were. Joe’s mother’s family had a farm in the northeast where he would often spend time in the summer and autumn. These brisk, orchard fruit memories inspired many of the first test blends and so, Joe named the project after his mother’s formal name, Armida. 


Whiskey Advocate gives Barrell Rye Batch 003 a rating of 93 calling it a "dense, decadent whiskey." Jonah Flicker's round up of the Best New Bourbon You Should Be Drinking Right Now in the Robb Report names both Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon and Barrell Bourbon Batch 025. Brian Freedman includes Rye Batch 003 on his Forbes Wines Of The Week column, calling it "a delicious rye that more than deserves a spot on the shelf." Mark Bylok of Whiskybuzz reviews Barrell Dovetail saying "I absolutely loved this... The more intense flavour plays well on the subtle flavours making it one of those drinks that gives you something a little different with each sip." Jim Vorel of Paste Magazine reviews two of our Private Release Whiskeys, calling AH04 "Decadent as all get out" and describing AH18 as having a " fair amount of oak and pepper, but less fruity impressions on the palate." Richard Thomas of the Whiskey Reviewer says Barrell Bourbon Batch 024"really allowed the high rye composition to sing, but retained an inviting balance." Susan Reigler includes Barrell Craft Spirits in Finishing school: Whiskeys that spend time in secondary barrels, saying, "each expression is limited and will certainly appeal to adventurous whiskey lovers."


If you're a bar or retailer that wants to do a Virtual Tasting with us, send an email We're happy to participate and promote these. 

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