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GREAT NEWS FROM NEW YORK The Ultimate Spirits Challenge just released its 2021 results, and we’re thrilled to share that four of our products scored 94 points and were named Finalists in the competition. Additionally, Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 and Private Release Rum B716 were listed in the Ultimate Top 100 Spirits. Ten of our spirits earned 91 points or higher, putting them all in the “Excellent, Highly Recommended" category. We're honored by the recognition, especially as it comes from one of the most respected competitions in the industry. Below is the complete list of awards: Barrell Craft Spirits 94 Points

  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 – A blend of 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, and 15-year-old straight bourbon whiskeys. At times bright and juicy, at others, brooding and oxidized, but while there are many flavors to be found, cherry stands above them all.

  • Barrell Armida – A blend of three straight bourbon whiskeys finished separately in pear brandy, Jamaican rum, and Sicilian amaro casks.

  • Barrell Private Release BX2i – Showcases a rich chocolate and caramel note and has a component age statement of 30% five-year, 25% 10-year, 20% 14-year, and 25% 16-year bourbons.

  • Barrell Private Release Rum B716 – The base rum, which is from Barbados, makes up 71% of the final blend. The marrying and finishing were done in a Ruby Port barrel.

92 Points

  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 – A 9-year-old blend of straight bourbon whiskeys. Like a well-aged Sauternes, a complex array of fresh, dried, and cooked fruits dominates the aroma, supported by pungent florals and a delicate layer of barrel spice.

  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 028 – A selection of 10- and 11-year-old barrels of straight bourbon whiskeys. Blended from three distinctive barrel lots, Batch 028 offers a lush bouquet of ripe tropical fruit and sweet flowers underpinned by rustic wood and salty minerality.

  • Barrell Seagrass – A blend of American and Canadian rye whiskeys, with each ingredient sourced and finished separately in Martinique Rhum Agricole casks, apricot brandy casks, and Madeira barrels.

91 Points

  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 – a blend of six, seven, nine, 10, 14, and 16-year-old barrels of straight bourbon whiskeys from Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Fruity at first, it segues into unusual herbal and spice notes before culminating in a sweet, desserty finish.

Stellum Spirits 94 Points

  • Stellum Rye - Rooted in a tried and true 95% Rye Indiana mash bill. To enhance this classic style, we incorporate small amounts of more barley-forward rye and choice barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee. This brings a full, round mouthfeel and flashes of buttery sweetness to an otherwise spicy and tightly focused rye whiskey.

92 Points

  • Stellum Bourbon - Finds its flavor in the tension of three Indiana Bourbon mash bills, two of which are high-rye and the third is almost exclusively corn, bringing layers of depth and complexity.

About the Ultimate Spirits Challenge: Ultimate Spirits Challenge’s mission is to create and establish a new and higher standard of evaluation for spirits that provides accurate, meaningful and useful results in recognizing and promoting the quality of beverage alcohol products. It accomplishes this by the integrity of its people and approach, its innovative and exacting methodology, and through the credibility of its results.

MORE GOOD NEWS Barrell Craft Spirits was named Blender of the Year at the inaugural Ascot Awards. Barrell Dovetail was named Best in Category as well. Dovetail was also named Best American Whiskey at the John Barleycorn Awards.


Have you been looking for Barrell Private Release Bourbon A01A, rated a score of 96, the highest score of bourbons reviewed, in the WIne Enthusiast by Kara Newman? Bourbon Private Release A01A is sold out, but Bourbon Private Release A39A is available here.

You can also find two of our Private Release Rums that earned accolades in recent competitions - Best Rum at the John Barleycorn Awards for blend B646 finished in a Ruby Port barrel, and Double Gold at the New York International Spirits Competition for blend B617 finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel.

IT'S HERE Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 is now available! The base of this blend is an herbal and viscous blend of Indiana bourbons. The blend was expanded with 6 and 7-year-old rye-grain Kentucky bourbon, chosen for its exotic cinnamon spice note, and floral 9 and 10-year-old wheated bourbon. Finally, a small amount of 6, 14, and 16-year-old Tennessee bourbon was added for a fruity nose and a long, oxidative finish. For tasting notes, check the Batch 029 page on our website.

WHISKEY NOTES Robb Report selects Barrell Seagrass as Best in Spirits in their 2021 Best of the Best. Men's Health includes BCS Bourbon on their list of the 47 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers: "a complex spirit that’s worth savoring." Amanda Schuster includes Barrell Seagrass in her Forbes article A Wonderful, Sometimes a Little Weird, Crop Of Spring Whiskey, calling this release, “a poem to the sea.” Bourbon Culture reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 029, saying, "if you liked Batch 020 [...] this will also be right up your alley." The Whiskey Wash reviews Barrell Seagrass, saying, “I’d pick some up, because—like a gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer—it won’t stick around long.” The Bourbon Review includes Stellum Bourbon on their list of Nine New Bourbons to Hunt for National Bourbon Day 2021.


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