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We're pleased to announce new additions to Joe’s Playlist, our collection of small releases available exclusively online The next two “Tracks” on Joe’s Playlist will become available just as this email goes out and can be ordered here Joe's Playlist Track #6 "Whoosier Tiki" Private Release Rum J657 131.64 proof 173 bottled, 151 available for purchase Whoosier Tiki is a funky, ripe snake-bite of a rum, clocking in at 131.64 proof. It packs the punch you need to take a tropical ride, and it was married in a rye barrel coming from the Hoosier State. This release is our homage to the great rum bars of American that are located in the places you may not expect them.  Joe’s Playlist Track #7 "Pie-O-My" Single Barrel 7-year-old Indiana Rye M770 112.96 proof 156 bottled, 144 available for purchase Barrel Rye Single Barrel M770 was the apple of our eye in a blind tasting. It balances a typical herbaceous nose with an oak driven front pallet and an oh-so-sweet progression to a smooth galloping finish. We named it after one of our favorite moments in TV history, a plot ark where someone was maybe too attached.  Join members of the Barrell Blending Team when we taste these in October. Follow us on Eventbrite so you can see when this tasting is scheduled.


If you're interested in purchasing Armida, click here. Limited quantity available. Armida began as an experiment that sent the us around the world in search of flavors and aromas that we're excited to find in bourbon. More than a year later, we've achieved a whiskey showcasing subtle hints of spice and orchard fruit. The ripe, floral pear notes provide a soft entrance into a whiskey that’s adorned with hints of spice and arid citrus derived from the Amaro casks and the toasty bourbon itself. This mélange of flavor is framed by the ripe, tropical sweetness found in rum finished whiskeys.

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