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We're High on Rye

Most of our friends and fans know that our Barrell Private Release Series is a showcase for some of the most detailed and precise blending we do at Barrell Craft Spirits. shrinking the scale to a single barrel and using everything we’ve learned about precision blending and finishing over the past decade, we’re able to create some of the most distinctive, one-of-a-kind whiskeys, bourbons, and rums in the world.

Each Private Release bottling is a custom creation at a true single-barrel scale. To maximize the best qualities of each component, we create intricate recipes designed all the way down to the ounce. With so many variables mean each Private Release expression is truly exclusive. Even when we do replicate a specific recipe, the particular character of each individual cask means the final product is never exactly the same — which means each one is an exciting new experience.

This month we're pleased to announce that we've added Rye to our already expansive Private Release offerings. These will be on shelves at select retailers across the country and available at times online.

The Private Release Rye Whiskeys are painstakingly assembled from our deep and varied stock of rye barrels. After creating precise custom blends, we finish each assemblage in single casks, many previously used for other spirits or wines. Each single barrel release explores the huge range of spicy, herbaceous, and earthy flavors within rye itself, as well as its interactions with a kaleidoscope of different finishing casks.

• Rye Whiskey finished in an Armagnac Cask

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Bourbon Whiskey Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in an XO Cognac Cask

• Rye Whiskey finished in an Oloroso Sherry Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Madeira Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Ruby Port Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Barbados Rum Cask

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Sauternes Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Tokaji Barrel

• Rye Whiskey finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel

Private Release barrels also offer retailers, bourbon clubs and whiskey aficionados something truly unique.

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WHISKY ADVOCATE awards BCS Gray Label Bourbon a score of 94 and Barrell Bourbon New Year 2023 a score of 92, while Barrell Private Release Bourbon CSX8 and Barrell Private Release Whiskey DSX3 each receive a score of 93 in the Spring 2023 issue.

MEN'S JOURNAL includes Batch 034 in the Best Bourbons to Drink in 2023, calling it "a highly complex, nuanced whiskey."

BREAKING BOURBON reviews Batch 034 saying "Those looking for a cask strength bourbon that delivers just the right amount of aged notes will be right at home with Batch 034."

IMBIBE includes Seagrass in their roundup of 10 American Rye Whiskies to Drink Right Now, calling it "bright and juicy."

UPROXX includes Vantage in this roundup of The Absolute Best Bourbon Whiskey Between $70-$80, Ranked, saying “Barrell Craft Spirits doesn’t miss."

HICONSUMPTION lists Vantage as Best Cask-Finished Whiskey in “The 12 Best Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskeys to Drink.”

WHISKEY RAIDERS includes Seagrass in their roundup of 20 Essential Whiskeys From Around the World Worthy of Celebrating With, calling it "complex and full of flavor."

UPROXX ranks Batch 034 #1 in "The Absolute Best Bourbon Whiskeys Between $80-$90, Ranked," saying, “This stuff is so good it makes you shake your head."

LOUISVILLE BUSINESS FIRST features BCS Founder Joe Beatrice and the blending team. Find out how they concoct a new product using only the basics.

WHISKEY RAIDERS gives Batch 034 an average score of 95, saying, "this release darn near has it all."

Watch and Listen Here

BCS Founder Joe Beatrice returns to the podcast What We're Drinking with Dan Dunn to discuss drinking with chickens, barrel taxes, and the flavor profiles of Batch 034.

BREWZLE sips on Vantage, describing the mouthfeel as "next-level."

My Bourbon Journey reviews Vantage, calling it a "really incredible whiskey."

The Bourbon Judge tastes Batch 034, calling it "quite delicious" and ruling it a "definite buy."

Dusty Dan's Whiskey Reviews calls Batch 034 a "hitter of a bottle," describing it as "savory" and "flavorful."

Best Place to Work

We're pleased to announce that Barrell Craft Spirits has been named one of the thirty 2023 Best Places to Work in Kentucky in the small-sized employer category by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Best Places to Work in Kentucky is a survey and awards program dedicated to identifying and recognizing the Commonwealth's best employers and providing organizations with valuable employee feedback. At BCS we continually strive to promote a culture of hard work, opportunity, and success that embraces the cultural, professional, and personal diversity of our larger team. All our employees participated in the survey and we appreciate that they consider our company to be an employer of choice.

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