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The Holidays are Upon Us... And that means holiday gifting, whether it's for friends, family or yourself. We have plenty of options available here - including our Sample Gift Box, New Year Bourbon, and our Gray Label and Gold Label Premium whiskeys. If you're interested in corporate gifting, send an email to and we can set you up with a local retailer. Plus, we're offering free shipping for online orders over $99. Be sure to order soon to ensure delivery by Christmas. Running out of time? Check out our gift cards.

About New Year Bourbon 2024 Every autumn, we create a very special blend of bourbons to toast the coming year. Barrell New Year Bourbon 2024 is a tribute to the fresh possibilities and sense of optimism that every new year brings. In 2017 we released our inaugural New Year Bourbon. We came up with the idea of blending a bourbon to celebrate the New Year, and we gave ourselves free reign to develop something to capture the spirit of the season. Up to that point, every release of our bourbon had been a marriage of casks produced in the same distillation season. This was the first time we blended barrels of different ages with different mashbills from different states - in fact, people poked fun at us for blending together so many different types of barrels. Making New Year Bourbon has gradually woven itself into our annual routine. In the past few years where so much of what we know and count on has been turned upside-down, we have found some comfort in this tradition.

Barrell New Year Bourbon 2024 Limited Release

Flavor Notes On the palate, the freshness evolves to a silky concentration of baked goods and dark chocolate. A touch of water enhances the cinnamon, creating notes of snickerdoodle and stroopwafel along with caramelized fruit. Neat Appearance: Saffron yellow Nose: Opens with a richness and brightness. Fresh and baked apples, lemon, stewed peaches, and amarena cherries appear first, followed by caramel, chocolate covered espresso beans, ganache, and lemon vanilla cream. Palate: Silky, with notes of cherry, cinnamon doughnuts, apple cider, vanilla, and cardamom. The sweetness of baked goods lends a clear weight to the palate with caramel apples, honeycomb, and baked peaches. This is rounded out by a touch of toasted coriander and dark chocolate. Finish: Lemon cream, cinnamon, apple cider. With a splash of spring water Snickerdoodle, Stroopwafel, baked apples, grilled peaches, dark chocolate.


We’re extraordinarily proud of Barrell Craft Spirits Blender, Nic Christiansen, who was just named VinePair's Master Blender of the Year. Nic joined BCS in 2019 after serving as the Beverage Director at Louisville’s Butchertown Grocery. She manages our blending operations, as well as our single barrel and private release programs. As a crucial member of our blending team, her keen palate plays a pivotal role in developing and evaluating preliminary blends for all of our products, as well as overseeing the logistics of scaling up batches from the lab to the production floor. Read more about Nic and her accomplishments here. And check out her latest blend - Barrell Foundation Bourbon.

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