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The reality on everyone's mind

We've all been preoccupied with Covid-19 and many of us are feeling like we want to help, in whatever way we can. Barrell Craft Spirits has begun production of hand sanitizer, which we'll be donating to first responders and hospitals in Kentucky. We've also partnered with Breaking Bourbon to support their Come Together initiative. Breaking Bourbon will be donating a portion of their profits from the sale of Barrell Rum Private Release B602, and we'll be joining forces to match their donations. Finished in a bourbon barrel, B602 is a blend of R(h)ums from Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, and Guyana with the largest component, Barbados Rum, making up 60% of the final ratio. Check out their website to learn more.

Here now

Keep your eye out for our newest set of Single Barrel offerings of 18-year-old Kentucky Whiskey. These single barrels were distilled as bourbon, but aged in previously used barrels, so they can't be called bourbon. As with all our single barrel releases, each single barrel is a true single barrel - bottled at cask strength without combining it with any other barrels at any point. To push the whiskey-envelope even further, we'll soon release 26 additional Kentucky Whiskeys. These Private Release Whiskeys are each their own unique blend, focusing on the same 18 year-old whiskey. Each one is then finished in its own secondary barrel or cask. These finishes include, but are not limited to Ice Wine, Sauternes, PX Sherry, Armagnac, Scotch, and Calvados. All will be available as Barrell Whiskey Private Release blends later this month. Now on shelves is Rye Batch 003, a blend of rye whiskeys from Indiana, Poland, Tennessee and Canada, all with distinct personalities and varying ages. We started with Tennessee Rye barrels with caramel and dried fruit notes and added the Polish Rye for its nuttiness and mouthfeel. We then carefully layered in 13-year Canadian Rye to bring out earthy notes of grass, spearmint and apple. The Indiana Rye was the finishing touch and a balancing act. The result is a complex Rye Whiskey that evolves over time.

Infinite Barrel Project

Many thanks to Josh Peters ofThe Whiskey Jug for including us in his infinity bottle photo, which appeared today in the NY Times article “A Stay-at-Home Whiskey Project: The Infinity Bottle.”The tradition of the infinity bottle involves mixing a small amount of select bottles together to make a home blend. As space frees up in the bottle (from enjoying it at home) new whiskeys are selected to refill the infinity bottle. We're big fans of infinity bottles - they're fun to make and you're always drinking something different. Our homage to this tradition is our Infinite Barrel Project, which was first released two years ago.

We pull only 10% of our base blend for each bottling (there have now been 13). We then use a select number of barrels from the same recipe to rebalance the larger blend. This blend is continually aging and evolving, and we occasionally we incorporate new whiskeys as well. What started as a careful blend of 9 whiskeys from 4 countries, is now up to 19 whiskies from 5 countries, each with a selection of ages and finishes. 

If you want to learn more about Infinite Barrel Project, our take on the infinity bottle, you can read about there.


Want to learn more about Barrell Craft Spirits and the team? Check out these interviews:  Upcoming: Barrell Craft Spirits National Director Will Schragis will be speaking with the Bourbon Urbanist this Friday 4/10 on his Live Instagram Broadcast for the "Urban Bourbon Hour." Master Distiller Tripp Stimson will be tasting and talking about our three SFWSC Bourbon winners with The Bourbon Life – this broadcast will air on 4/24. Available: The Bourbon Daily Show - Steve and Christi interview Joe Beatrice, Founder of Barrell Craft Spirits Fred MinnickInside Barrell Bourbon: Social Distancing Inside Hook - The Story Behind Barrell, The Year's Best, Most Untraditional Bourbon Beverage DynamicsThe Rise of Blended Whiskey with Barrell Craft Spirits

Many thanks

We appreciate every retailer, bar and restaurant that carries our products. Be sure to tag us if you're posting a photo because we're happy to promote it on social media. And if you'd like to help us grow organically, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedInto help get the word out about Barrell Craft Spirits.


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