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Tale of Two Islands

We filled previously used Islay Single Malt Whisky casks with a small amount of Barrell Rum Batch 001. We let it mature and the result is a deeply intense Jamaican rum with just a touch of misty peat smoke. Blended to be harmonious, it speaks to the place it was distilled, and to the home of the casks. Please enjoy the small amount we have to offer. Lift your spirits.

Barrell Tale of Two Islands Rum Solo Shot.jpg
  • Jamaican pot still rum

  • Distilled and aged in Jamaica

  • 8-years-old

  • Finished in Islay whisky casks

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 132.8 proof cask strength bottling


  • Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2018


With bright tropical notes, dark molasses undertones, and a mysterious hint of peat and smoke, Barrell Tale of Two Islands Rum is intense and deeply layered. With separate distillation, aging, and finishing influences from Jamaica, Kentucky and Islay, this is a truly unique and limited Spirit.


Appearance: Clear clover honey.

Nose: A rum packed with aromas and complexity, there are the savory underpinnings of tahini, button mushroom and saltine cracker, but the sweet, molasses origins are still present. The peat from the Islay casks has leant a curious minerality (silica, beeswax, and a subtle iodine note). With more time, herbal notes start to unravel. They take the form of freshly cut peat, sarsaparilla, and a touch of lily. Finally, the rum yields a cascade of fruity notes: lemon peel, peach, and passionfruit weave together with caramelized banana and candied ginger.

Palate: Sweet and tart passionfruit juice fills the mouth, accented with overripe pineapple, lemon oil, honey, and candied grapefruit. After the initial rush of fruit, a thread of smoke and a gentle herbal accent (sarsaparilla, menthol, wintergreen) lend complexity. This is a classic Jamaican rum with something more, a touch of sophistication and complexity that clearly came from somewhere else.

Finish: The exit is remarkably soft for such a bright and feisty spirit; waxy and buttery, with notes of banana, char, rosemary and just a drop of root beer. This rum is high in alcohol but surprisingly balanced. It is a truly special spirit.

With a few drops of spring water

The focus resolves on fruity notes, with preserved lemon and pineapple candy. It is buoyed by the soft, spice-infused wood aroma of an old Indian spice shop.


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