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Barrell Vantage Ranks #3 on Whisky Advocate's Top 20 for 2022

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We're thrilled to share that Barrell Vantage was ranked #3 on Whisky Advocate's Top 20: The Most Exciting Whiskies of 2022. You can purchase Vantage here. Whisky Advocate is America's leading whisky publication, and a premier source for whisky information, education and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. "Already an established force in the world of blending, Barrell Craft Spirits has demonstrated its finishing prowess with a series of creative releases that marry different cask types together. Vantage is the most recent, and to us, the most successful. The nose has a bake shop sweetness, with aromas of sugar cookie, nutty chocolate brownies, and Funfetti cake, plus earthy dried tobacco leaves and strawberry candies underneath. The creamy palate delivers rich chocolate, Red Hots, and with water added, dried leaves and snickerdoodles. Big cinnamon spice on the finish ties this one up beautifully." —Ted Simmons, Associate Editor, Whisky Advocate Watch Ted Simmons's video where he talks about Barrell Craft Spirits and Vantage.

How Whisky Advocate ranked the Top 20

"To determine our Top 20, we begin by looking only at whiskies that rated “outstanding” (90 points or higher on Whisky Advocate’s 100-point scale)....An important step in gauging the true merit of these whiskies is blind tasting review by a panel of international reviewers. The review panel tasted the eligible whiskies in a series of blind tasting flights to arrive at the final list. The panel did not know the identity of the whiskies being tasted—not their producer, country of origin, age, nor price." —Whisky Advocate Review Panel


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