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Ultimate Challenge We’re thrilled to announce that Dovetail American Whiskey was awarded the “Chairman’s Trophy” at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The expression was the top scoring product in the American whisk(e)y category, receiving 97 out of a possible 100 points from the judges. Tasting notes describe Dovetail as "Rich and powerful on the palate ... tempered by decadent flavors of maple cream, molasses, and cherry preserves. A truly dynamic and delicious whiskey." Additionally, Barrell Bourbon Batch 022 and Batch 023 received 96 and 93 points, with the former also named a “Finalist” and recognized in the Top 100 Spirits of the competition.   Ultimate Spirits Challenge is among the most respected and experienced authorities in the distillery spirits industry, with a mission to “create and establish a new and higher standard of evaluation that provides accurate, meaningful and useful results.” Each product is evaluated blind by panels in multi-stage assessments under ideal tasting conditions over a period of time to remove any inherent or individual bias.

Now Available Our newest bourbon batch release, Barrell Bourbon Batch 024, is a marriage of high rye bourbons ranging in age from 9 to 15 years old. The 9, 10, and 13 year-old barrels were chosen for their peppery assertiveness, making this "spice box" marriage wonderfully robust yet a little rough around the edges. We refined the blend by adding in citrus forward, lower proof, 15-year-old barrels bit by bit, ensuring that the rye forward base would continue to shine, while delivering a lush mouthfeel. Barrell Rye Batch 003 is a blend of rye whiskeys from Indiana, Poland, Tennessee and Canada, all with distinct personalities and varying ages. We started with Tennessee Rye barrels with caramel and dried fruit notes and added the Polish Rye for its nuttiness and mouthfeel. We then carefully layered in 13-year Canadian Rye to bring out earthy notes of grass, spearmint and apple. The Indiana Rye was the finishing touch and a balancing act. The result is a complex Rye Whiskey that evolves over time. We continue to roll out our Private Release Whiskeys. These are unique blends, focusing on one 18-year-old Kentucky Whiskey, each finished in its own secondary barrel or cask. Finishes include Ice Wine, Sauternes, PX Sherry, Armagnac, Scotch, and Calvados. If you're interested in learning where to purchase these, check the Private Release Whiskey page on our website where we list the locations where they're available.

Have you heard Barrell Craft Spirits founder Joe Beatrice joins the Shift Drink Podcast to talk about his story, various rum releases, and the importance of being meticulous in the business. National Director Will Schragis speaks with WhiskyBuzz about the latest offerings from Barrell, including rye, bourbon, and other spirits. Chief Whiskey Scientist Tripp Stimson joins Bourbon Pursuit in the studio to dive into the nitty gritty science of distillation, from pH levels to yeast strains.

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