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Whiskey Raiders names BCS Gray Label Seagrass its Whiskey of the Year 2022

Finishing Strong in 2022

As 2022 came to a close, we were honored to receive another award. BCS Gray Label Seagrass was named Best Whiskey of 2022 by Whiskey Raiders, one of the most influential whiskey reviewers on the internet. Click here to purchase. Jay West, also known as t8ke, wrote "Barrell’s high-voltage interpretation of an 'upgraded Seagrass' hit the mark for me. My first impression was intrigue, and the more I sampled the 16-year, all-Canadian release, the more I loved it. Everything about the already high-scoring Barrell Seagrass was there, but it was dialed up and amplified... It spotlighted the notes I loved most and pushed them to a metaphorical 11. There’s nothing I’d change about Barrell’s Grey Label Seagrass. For that reason, it is the Best Whiskey of 2022 here at Whiskey Raiders." Read the full review here. Gear Patrol magazine has labeled Jay “the most prolific whiskey reviewer on the internet” and readers can find him moderating some of the largest whiskey subreddits on Reddit like r/bourbon.


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