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Barrell Bourbon Batch 034

Barrell Bourbon Batch 034 is a blend of 6, 8, 10, and 15-year-old barrels. 8-year-old barrels driven by strong hazelnut and dark cherry notes lay a foundation enhanced by high-corn barrels showing browned butter and apricot. We mingled this first step for months before adding high-rye barrels carrying cinnamon and allspice. Finally, a vatting of 10 and 15-year-old barrels was added for earthiness and light tannin. The result is a robust and sophisticated bourbon. 

Barrell Bourbon Batch 034
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  • A blend of straight Bourbon Whiskeys

  • Distilled and aged in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana

  • Selection of 6, 8, 10, and 15-year-old barrels

  • Aged in American white oak barrels

  • Bottled in Kentucky

  • 114.62 proof cask strength bottling


  • Whiskey Raiders 2023 Best Whiskey Awards

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2023)

    • GOLD

  • ASCOT Awards (2023)

    • GOLD

  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge (2023)

    • 92 POINTS

  • L.A. Spirits Awards (2022)



The nose is deftly balanced between the exuberant fresh fruit of youth and the oxidized, dried fruit of maturity. This dynamic tension carries over to the palate where rich port notes are supported by bright Seville orange and cola.


Appearance: Copper with rose gold highlights.

Nose: Eggnog and madeleines set the stage. Dry, hard cider integrates a range of florals such as elderflower and violet. Over time, the fruit transitions to a more cooked character, displaying dried apricot, candied orange peel, and mulled cider.

Palate: Blackcurrant jam and grape soda start the palate off with focus and depth. More classic notes of cinnamon donut, warm cola, and pecan pie emerge. Fresh notes of green grape and Seville orange are followed by umami, and salt.

Finish: A modest amount of sandy tannin sustains notes of shiso, licorice root, and fudgy peanut butter cup through a lengthy finish. There is an additional pop of iron and slate.

With a splash of spring water

Grows initially quite perfumed as volatiles blow off, smelling of petrichor, jasmine tea, and apple cider vinegar. When it settles, a deep rancio character comes out – leafy and nutty.


The Bourbon Press team says Batch 034 is "The classic bourbon notes and sweet flavors of aged barrel culminate into a truly unique and satisfying experience."

Whiskey is a Journey tastes five Barrell releases in their Friday Flight Fight. Watch to find out which blend takes first place!

 lists Batch 034 in their roundup of The Best Bourbons for Bourbon Heritage Month, saying, “This is another one that’ll be hard to beat for 2023.”

The Whiskey Dictionary sips on both Batch 035 and Batch 034 in this review.

The Bourbon Van highlights Batch 034 in this video and commends BCS, saying, “They know what they’re doing when they’re blending their whiskeys.”

Everyday Drinkerrincludes Batch 034 in their roundup of 8 Insanely Delicious Bourbons That Will Knock Your Socks Off.

My Bourbon Journey reviews Batch 034, calling it a "really great bourbon."

Eat Kentucky Podcast calls Batch 034 a rich and complex blend, saying, “Barrell does it again.”

The Bourbon Hutch tastes Batch 034, calling it “a really solid batch.”

Drinkhacker reviews Batch 034, saying, “The palate is exceptionally balanced and exceedingly approachable at cask strength with a generous, even warmth and a remarkable depth of flavor.”

The Whiskey Crusaders taste Batch 034, calling it “a well-put-together blend.”

ASCOT AWARDS announces the 2023 results, with Batch 034 and Private Release Whiskey DSX3 winning Gold

2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition awards BCS two Double Gold and five Gold Medals.

Uproxx includes Batch 034 in their roundup of The Absolute Best Bourbon At Every Price Point Between $10-$500, saying, "It’s so wildly deep and fun while truly taking you on a journey."

Breaking Bourbon reports "Barrell Bourbon Batch 034 is a testament to the consistency of Barrell Craft Spirits’ blending prowess."

Bourbon Of The Week sips on Batch 034, saying BCS blends "damn near perfectly."

LiquorHound sips on Batch 034 and three Barrell Private Release blends.

Bourbon Kingdom features Batch 034 in their roundup of the Best Whiskey for Every Price Range, saying Barrell Craft Spirits is "arguably the best" at blending.

Whiskey Raiders
includes Batch 034 in "The 9 Best Whiskeys We Tasted in March 2023," calling it "bold and rich."

Whiskey Sippin reviews Batch 034: "a must-try for any bourbon enthusiast or connoisseur seeking a premium hand-crafted spirit."

The Bourbon Van tastes Batch 034 in a blind tasting, saying it offers a hit of everything that you could want in a bourbon.

Men's Journal includes Batch 034 in the Best Bourbons to Drink in 2023, calling it "a highly complex, nuanced whiskey."

Bourbon Culture reviews Batch 034, saying, "Barrell shows time and again that they have the ability to create amazing batches out of the stocks they source."

Whiskey Consensus calls Batch 034 a "well above average bottle of bourbon that truly shows the remarkable blending capabilities of the Barrell Craft Spirits team."

Whiskey Raiders gives Batch 034 an average score of 95, saying, "this release darn near has it all."

Nashville Scene features Batch 034, calling it a "pretty remarkable whiskey," and "another real winner from the team."

Whiskey Apostle says Batch 034 is "another really lovely dram," giving it a "Must Try" rating.

BCS Founder Joe Beatrice returns to the podcast
What We're Drinking with Dan Dunn to discuss drinking with chickens, barrel taxes, and the flavor profiles of Batch 034.

Bourbon Bytes says Barrell Craft Spirits is “one of the greatest blenders of bourbon” in this tasting of multiple BCS products.

Power of Bourbon reviews Batch 034, saying Barrell is “changing the way that we view sourced whiskey.”

The Average Drinker sips on Batch 034, calling it "very well blended," noting orange and grape sodas. 

EveryDay Drinker describes Batch 034 as “maple syrup in a glass,” ranking it #2 in this blind tasting.

The Bourbon Wrench reviews Batch 034, calling it "another solid blend" and a "must buy."

The Bourbon Judge tastes Batch 034, calling it "quite delicious" and ruling it a "definite buy."

Bourbon Of The Week includes Batch 034 in the Top 5 Bourbons they're hunting in 2023.

Those Bourbon Guys sip on Batch 034, calling it a "pretty dadgum good whiskey."

Dusty Dan's Whiskey Reviews calls Batch 034 a "hitter of a bottle," describing it as "savory" and "flavorful."

Black Bourbon Family includes Batch 034 in their roundup of 6 Bourbons You Must Buy Now, saying, "Barrell has shown in this bourbon that they know what they're doing when it comes to blending."

Black Bourbon Family highly recommends Batch 034, calling it a "well-balanced bourbon."

The People's Bourbon Review gives Batch 034 a rating of 83, describing the finish as "flavor-packed" and "robust."

Whiskey Raiders includes Batch 034 in their monthly roundup of the Top Whiskeys Released in February 2023.

Stuff & Whiskey tastes Batch 034, calling it a "solid" and "classic" bourbon.

Abandon Bourbon sips on Batch 034, calling it a balanced pour with a buttery, peachy palate.

EveryDay Drinker reviews Batch 034, saying "everything about this bourbon is absolutely fantastic."

Whiskeyfellow reviews Batch 034, describing notes of cherry-vanilla cola, peanut, and dry oak.

Uproxx ties Batch 034 for first place in this blind tasting of Brand New Bourbon Whiskeys. "Delicious, deep, and thrilling. This whiskey has it all and it’s so damn tasty."

Uproxx ranks Batch 034 #1 in "The Absolute Best Bourbon Whiskeys Between $80-$90, Ranked," saying, “This stuff is so good it makes you shake your head."

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