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Barrell Bourbon Batch 035

Barrell Bourbon Batch 035 is a blend of 6, 7, 8, and 13-year-old bourbons. A multi-mashbill blend of 6 and 7-year-old spicy and earthy, high-rye, high-proof, oak forward barrels was combined with a blend of 8-year-old softer, lower-proof barrels with concentrated notes of dark cherry and butterscotch. After mingling for two months, 13-year-old barrels with dominant fruit flavors were layered in. A portion of these barrels had more tropical fruit notes and the other portion showed more dried and candied fruit notes. The resulting bourbon is peppery and intriguing on the nose, and sweet and long on the finish.

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Indiana: 6, 7, & 8 years old

Tennessee: 7 & 13 years old

Kentucky: 8 years old


Corn: 78%

Rye: 18%

Malted Barley: 4%

  • A blend of straight bourbon Whiskeys

  • Bottled in Kentucky

  • 117.5 proof cask strength bottling


  • Whisky Advocate (2023)

    • ​  #11 on the Top Twenty Whiskies of 2023

  • Wine Enthusiast

    • 96 Points​

  • Fred Minnick (2023)

    • #7 on the Top 100 Spirits

  • Whiskey Raiders 2023 Best Whiskey Awards

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2023)

    • GOLD

  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge (2023)

    • 92 POINTS

  • L.A. Spirits Awards (2022)




Banana bread on the nose is complemented by myriad of herbaceous aromas from the rye grain. An earthiness intensifies on the palate. Bold spice settles down to rich, sweet notes of chocolate milkshake and frosted cinnamon bun. Water completely transforms the whiskey into a punch bowl of fresh and tropical fruits.


Appearance: Luminous amber.

Nose: Jammy and cooked fruits leap out first such as lemon curd, cherry, and banana bread. That well-spiced character of the banana bread continues as woodsy notes emerge, with birch beer leading into tiramisu. The rye in the mashbills is particularly bold, bringing olive and thyme. Once the nose settles down a bit it reveals deeper aromas of cocoa butter and molasses.

Palate: Mexican hot chocolate, cinnamon and dried chili peppers make a spicy first impression. There’s a freshness to it with grapefruit peel and absinthe. There’s also an intense earthiness of pinecone and baking chocolate. As you roll the sip around your mouth it grows much richer and creamier, developing into eggnog and tahini.

Finish: Lime zest and amaretto, and some grated coconut; rye spice takes over as slate, fennel, and cola notes linger.

With a splash of spring water

Still plenty of jammy fruit but they’re tropical now, displaying dried papaya and pineapple jelly. They’re joined by some fresh gooseberries and watermelon. Even the herbs and spices brighten, becoming rose, tobacco, and crystallized ginger. The palate is completely transformed: where there was once hardly any fruit at all is now a fruit salad of peaches, Mirabelle plums, cantaloupe, and blood orange segments.


The Whiskey Dictionary sips on both Batch 035 and Batch 034 in this review.

UPROXX calls Batch 035 a "masterclass in blending" in their blind tasting of limited edition bourbons.

Bourbon Culture reviews Batch 035, saying, "This is another great release that still shows us that Barrell excels at making the sum of its components greater than they are individually."

Whiskey Raiders gives Batch 035 a score of 90, saying, "This is delicious and should scratch the itch of a drinker looking for a new profile to turn to."

Whiskeyfellow gives Batch 035 a "Bottle" rating, describing notes of milk chocolate and spiced nuts.

The Bourbon Hutch tastes Batch 035, saying it brings a high-level flavor punch.

Bourbon Of The Week sips on Batch 035, saying, "This Barrell is a very good Barrell."

SLB Drinks says everybody needs Batch 035, calling it the "best batch" from Barrell.

Power of Bourbon reviews Batch 035, calling BCS the "best blenders on the market.”

Whiskey Tornado reviews Batch 035, saying, "Barrell Craft Spirits does such a good job with these blends."

Those Bourbon Guys sip on Batch 035, calling it "phenomenally good."

My Bourbon Journey reviews Batch 035, calling it "another incredible bourbon that Barrell has blended."

Tipsy Whiskey Shenanigans calls Batch 035 "vibrant," noting stone fruit and pineapple on the palate.

The People's Bourbon Review sips on Batch 035, describing the palate as "bold but rich with characteristics of warm baked bread."

Whiskey Sippin tastes Batch 035 and adds it to their list of go-to bourbons to drink with great friends.

The 3 Bourboneers review Batch 035, describing notes of butterscotch and honey cornbread.

Whiskey Wisdom sips on Batch 035, calling it a "great blend."

Mediocre Whiskey Review tastes Batch 035, noting banana bread on the nose and cinnamon on the palate.

EveryDay Drinker reviews Batch 035, saying, "They take their time and they know what they're doing over at Barrell."

The Bourbon Wrench sips on Batch 035, calling it a "great summertime pour."

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