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Summer Reading

We love it when people show us some love! Kara Newman of The Wine Enthusiast has reviewed Barrell Bourbon Batch 007 rating it a 93. Look for our listing in their September buying guide. Batch 007 was a finalist in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, and the only bourbon that scored 98 points, the second highest score achieved in any category. Bourbon & Oak calls Batch 007 “another home run" and Axis of Whiskey says "two more excellent outings from a man who loves what he does, and does it damn well" about Barrell Bourbon 007 and Barrell Whiskey 002. Uncrate's Barrell listing says "When it comes to bourbon, nothing matters more than the juice itself. That's why Barrell Bourbon, while not a traditional distiller, leads the pack amongst the new school whiskey companies."

Is it Hot Enough?

We’re excited about our newest release: Barrell Bourbon Batch 008. Our oldest batch yet, it was distilled and aged in Tennessee for 9 years, then crafted and bottled in Kentucky at 132.8 proof. With darker sweetness, firmer oak, and thrilling heat, Batch 008 requires more thought but is all the more enticing because of it. Each sip finishes with aromas of praline, bitter chocolate nibs, and dry, late summer hay. The Whiskey Reviewer says “the finish was sweet, spicy, and just a bit tangy…I found it surprisingly moderate on the warmth for such a high octane bourbon. It’s summer, and for my summer drinking I like big bodied, ballsy whiskeys that shrug off ice with ease. Barrell Bourbon Batch 008 so amply fits that bill.” Read the tasting notes by Warren Bobrow aka the Cocktail Whisperer.

Barrell Whiskey Batch 002, an American straight whiskey with a sherry cask finish, continues to impress. The first sips are full of sweet honey swirled deeply with fine sherry wine; rich and sumptuous flavors reveal themselves behind the folds of the creamy sherry cask finished whiskey. The 123.8 proof is unmistakable yet rich, soothing, and understated. Adventures in Whiskey says, “This is a nice sipping whiskey. It’s light, but packs great flavors. I like that the sherry cask finish is not overdone at all. I like that it’s aged almost a decade. I like that this is cask strength, allowing you to proof down the whiskey to your liking. You see the trend here. This is one I’ll pour over ice and enjoy outdoors during the hot, humid Louisiana summer months. Nicely done.”

Barrels of Barrell

Along with our batches, we're expanding our single barrel program this year. We’ve been down in Kentucky most of the summer tasting and selecting our newest single barrels. Barrel 008, which is the last barrel of our first group bottled, is now at Harry’s Wine in Fairfield, CT. Aged for 8 years 5 months, this bourbon has a full mouth feel. The initial vanilla notes are well balanced giving way to rich baking spices and orange, ending with a long spicy rye finish. If you're interested in a ordering a private barrel contact us at

Hot Fun in the Summertime

We’ve been trekking across the country this summer. We've arrived at Louisiana and Texas in the south, Arizona and Nevada in the west, Michigan and Minnesota up north, and Washington in the northwest. New stores carrying our products include Back Label Wine and Xavier Wine Company in NYC, Nasa Liquor in Houston and Pogo’s in Dallas. And from coast to coast, new restaurants and bars are serving up Barrell Bourbon. Stop in at Crudo or Stock and Stable for a taste of Barrell if you’re thirsty in Phoenix. Ask Mark Weddle at Marshall Free House to mix up one of his amazing cocktails made with Barrell Bourbon if you’re in Greensboro. Ask for Barrell with two L's at The Barrel Thief in Seattle or Barrel Proof in New Orleans. Check the stacks for Barrell Bourbon if you’re browsing the extensive collection at the Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland.

Looking ahead to the fall, we’ll be at WhiskyLive LA on September 21st, The Bourbon Social in Lexington, KY in October and WhiskyFest in NYC in November. We’ll be doing more tastings in the NYC area in the fall and posting dates on our website as they become available.

Follow us on Facebook or check the Events page on our website to get news of our latest events.

Find Us

Check the Store Locator on our Where to Buy page to find a retailer near you, or one that will ship Barrell Bourbon directly to you (where legal). If you’d like to help us get Barrell into your local liquor store email us at and tell us where you live. If you're interested in a private barrel contact us at Every state has different laws about liquor sales and distribution, but rest assured we’re doing our best to get our products to you.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date Barrell Bourbon latest news. #cheers

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