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It’s that magical time of year once again: The time when the lights are strung, the candles are lit, and the Internet explodes with lists to help guide your holiday gifting. Each year, they seem to get more specific. “The 10 Best Gifts for Guys Over 40.” “25 Personalized Gifts for Food Lovers 2020.” “The 30 Things Your Mom Wishes You’d Gift Her.” “What Are Some Creative Gift Ideas for People Who Love Cocktails?” “15 Things to Gift College Basketball Fans Who Have Everything.”

Look. 2020 has been a doozy. So this year, we’re looking forward to keeping it simple around the holidays. You too? Great. Here’s our easy, one-size-fits-all answer for all of your shopping queries. What is the best holiday gift? It’s booze.

OK, so we’re a little biased. But seriously. Unless your giftee is a teetotaler, we’re certain they’ll appreciate a bottle of something they might not buy for themselves—and bonus points if it’s something truly unique.

Barrell Craft Spirits’ releases are tailor made for gift-giving. Each batch is a limited release, which means no matter what you choose, it’s special. Our dedication to cask-strength, unfiltered spirits translates into rich full flavor—what we’re all looking for this time of year. So why not make it easy on yourself (for once) and do a little one-stop shopping right here at Barrell Craft Spirits? Here, we’ll be your personal whiskey gift-giving concierge.


Does giving a bottle of whiskey strike you as somehow phoning it in? Maybe that’s true of mainstream booze. (And you’re right—your father-in-law is totally capable of buying his own bottle of Jack Daniels.) But in our humble opinion, a creative spirit makes for a creative gift, especially if you take the time to match the right bottle to the right recipient.

For example, if your brother is a confirmed American whiskey traditionalist, get him something he’ll love, but will still expand his mind a little. Like Armida, a blend of three straight bourbon whiskeys finished separately in pear brandy, Jamaican rum, and Sicilian Amaro casks. That classic bourbon backbone is right there, but it’s wrapped in these beautiful, complex layers of fruit, sweetness, and spice. Too out-there? Grab a bottle of our award-winning Dovetail, which blends whiskeys and bourbons finished in cabernet, Port, and blackstrap rum casks for a deliciously unique experience.

Have a Scotch lover on your list? They’re probably already familiar with the concept of an in bottle—a kind of house blend whisky lovers make from the last ounce or two of favorite pours. So we think they’ll love our Infinite Barrel Project, a whiskey blended in a solera system from the last fractions of many different whiskey barrels.

Or, if they’re a malt die-hard, open their minds to the incredible world of American single malt with a bottle of Barrell American Vatted Malt. Blended from seven of the United States’ most exciting single malt whiskeys, it’s a delicious testament to the amazing diversity and emerging regionality of the burgeoning category of American malt whiskey.

Shopping for a younger relative who’s just getting established in their own place? Introduce them to the finer things in life with a bottle of Barrell Rye, accessorized with a set of beautiful glassware and all the ingredients necessary to make a delicious signature cocktail. And yes: you have our permission to get yourself the same thing, then cue up a Zoom happy hour to show your niece or little brother how to mix a proper Manhattan—a core life skill in our book.

But what if you don’t know your giftee well enough to confidently match them to a bottling? What are the best corporate gifts for employees, for example? Or presents for your clients? It’s hard to go wrong with one of Barrell’s award-winning small batch bourbons. For something extra-festive, reach for one of Barrell’s Single Barrels or Private Releases--just 50 to 150 bottles are released in each batch.

That just leaves the toughest (and most important) recipient for last: your significant other. The special people in our lives deserve a special whiskey—like Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon, an 15-year-old bourbon whiskey named best American whiskey of 2018 by Fred Minnick. Lushly fruity and subtly spiced, it’s just the thing for warming up the long, cold winter ahead.

The best part? Now you can order Barrell Craft Spirits online and have them shipped directly to your recipients’ doors—easy. And after the year we’ve had, couldn’t we all use a little ease?


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